XK series milling machine/XH Series CNC Machine Center

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xk series milling machine/xh milling machine CNC

Technical Details

XK series Milling Machine/XH Series Machining Center

Technical parameter/Model Unit XK/XH714 XK/XH715 XK/XH716


Travel for X/Y/Z axes mm 800/400/500 800/500/550 1000/600/650 1500/800/700
Distance from spindle nose to table surface mm 150-670 130-630 130-780 150-850
Distance from spindle center to column surface mm 530 550 600 850
Worktable (length×width) mm 1000*430 950*500 1300*600 1700*800
Maximum load of table Kg 500 600 1000 1500
T-slot (slot width×number of slot×pitch) mm 18*3*125 18*3*150 18*5*120 22*5*135
Spindle speed rpm 60-8000 60-6000
Tool holder(model/ diameter) / BT40/φ150 BT50/φ190
Drive manner of spindle Belt drive
Motor power of spindle Kw 7.5/7.5(30min) 7.5/11(30min) 11/15(30min) 18.5/22(30min)
CNC system / FANUC/ Mitsubishi / Siemens
Guide screw of X,Y axis mm 4008 4010 6310
Guide screw of Z axis mm 4008 4010 5010
Drive connection way / Direct connection
Rapid shift of axes of X&Y/Z m/min 16/24 16/24 20/24 20/24
Max. cutting feed speed mm/min 5-5000
Motor power of three axes Kw 1.2/1.8 1.4/1.8 2.5 4/7

TOOL Exchange automatic (only for machining center)

Standard tool quantity / 16/16 20/20 24/24


Max. tool diameter / length mm Disc style:φ78/250, Hats-style:φ90/300 φ112/350
Max. tool diameter mm φ120 φ200
Max. tool weight Kg 7,8 18
Tool exchanging manner / Pneumatic
Clamping and loosening of tool / Automatic ( 4 claws)
Average tool exchanging time Sec Disc style:2-3,     Hats style:6-8
Positioning accuracy mm meet with GB/T8771.4-1998 standard
Accuracy of repeated positioning mm meet with GB/T8771.4-1998 standard
Quantity of power supply needed KVA 20/25 25/30 35/40 55/50
Power supply / 3N-380V/50Hz
Requirement for air compressing Kg/cm² ≥6
Air supply slow m3/min ≥0.5
Machine weight T 3.8/4.2 4.8/5.2 7.8/8 11.5/12.5
Overall dimension (length×width×height) mm 2330x2180x2350 2660x2200x2600 3250x2700x2700 4260x3545x3200

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