High Speed Micro Hole Drilling EDM(small table)

High Speed Micro Hole Drilling EDM(small table)

Main Features

1) It can drill small holes on the materials. Such as stainless steel, quenched steel, carbide,copper, aluminium,etc.

2) It can drill the deep holes with diameters 0.3-3mm and depth-diameter ratio 200:1 or more.

3)Working speed is 30-60mm depth per minute it can directly drill on oblique curved surfaces.

4) It can water as workingfluid.

5) It can become a machine with multi-axis numerical control or numerical display for the user requirement.

Technical Details 

High Speed Micro Hole Drilling EDM(small table)

Technical parameter/Model unit DD703 DD703.30


Worktable size mm 320×440 320×440 460×690
Worktable travel mm 200×300 300×400 400×500
Z-axis travel mm 280 300 300
Max.load on table mm 200 200 200
Main spindle speed rpm 60
Diameter of electrode mm φ0.3-φ3
Max.distance from guider to worktable mm 240 300 500
water tank L 25
Filtering model / shallow seam type
Working medium / water
MAX.working pressure Mpa 7
Power supply / 380V,3Ph,50Hz
Max.woking current A 30
Power consumption Kw 3
Machine weight kg 700 850 1700
Machine demensions mm 1060×750×1700 1060×750×1760 1800x1380x1800



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