CNC Brass Wire Cut EDM(B)

CNC Brass Wire Cut Machine

CNC Brass Wire Cut Machine

Technical details of  CNC Brass Wire Cut EDM(B)


CNC Brass Wire Cut Machine

Technical parameter/Model Unit DK7635B DK7663
Work table travel (X/Y axis) mm 500×350 800×630
U/V axis travel mm ±50×±50 ±75×±75
Z axis travel mm 250 350
Work table dimensions mm 780mm×520 1070×825
Max. workpiece size mm 1050×700×250 1400×1000×250
Max. cutting thickness mm 250 250
Max. workpiece weight kg 550 1300
Max. cutting taper mm ±15°/100 ±15°/100
Wire diameter. mm 0.25(0.15、0.2、0.3 for choose) 0.25(0.15、0.2、0.3 for choose)
Wire tension N 2-15N 2-15N
Wire feed rate m/min 1-12m/min 1-12m/min
Positioning accuracy X, Y mm 0.016 0.016
Accuracy of repeated positioning X, Y mm 0.008 0.008
Max. sutting speed mm²/min >200 >200
precision mm ≤±0.004 ≤±0.005
Best surface roughness µm ≤0.5 ≤0.6
Machine weight kg 2800 5000
Machine dimension mm 3000×2100×2100 3500×2550×2400
Pulse power
High effciency resistorless power
Anti electrolysis power
Max. machining current 25A
Input power
Power source 380V,50Hz,3Ph
Power capacity 15KVA
Controlling system
NC system adopt industry control computer, LCD colour display
X,Y,U,V,Z axes adoptimported AC servo motor
Laser inspection and pitch error compensation for X,Y,U,V,Z axes
Min. controlling equivalence (X,Y,U,V,Z axes)0.001mm
Wire diameter compensation 0-0.999mm
Auto-programming yes
Code mode ISO
Auto-following machining path yes
Different cutting for up and down yes
Working fluid system
Working fluid type Clean water
Filtering mode of working fluid Paper filter
Filtering precision 5µm
Controlling electric conductivity of working-fluid yes
Ion resin filter 10L


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